Are you ready to implement Octopus into your daily work?
Octopus AI does not require registration, to log in, you just need to enter data from your account system, at the moment it is Xero or QuickBooks.
How Can a Smart AI Assistant Help Accountants?
Discover the Top 2 Best Features

Okay Octie, I'm an accountant and I can't keep up with everything. I'm very tired and my nerves are on edge. I need an assistant!

Not a word more! You need an AI assistant. It learns quickly and costs less! We have already launched one like that. We are going to tell you what we think are the coolest features that make an AI assistant a really cool way to improve the life of an accountant.

Just two short examples will explain the love of our customers!
Imagine being an accountant, drowning in endless hours of number crunching and struggling with complex financial data. The frustration builds up as you try to maintain accurate books and make informed decisions.
Reach for Dream Accuracy!
One of the main benefits of a smart assistant is its ability to process large amounts of information quickly and outperform humans. AI is trained to quickly identify patterns.

What can you do with this?
  • You can ask the assistant to compare a report with the accounting book to verify its accuracy.
  • The assistant can inform you about changes in financial indicators that happened this month, which can help you and your clients improve your business.
  • You can ask your assistant for help in generating reports using an algorithm. Excel is no longer the best option!

Already sounds good?
The Last, But not the least. Doing the same tasks over and over again is a big problem for accountants, you know it!
Stop Doing Repetitive Tasks!
Sending 800 reminders to the client about the invoice? Or answering the question "how much tax are we paying?" every single day? The Smart Assistant is here to help.

Just make a request and tell Octopus how often you want it to solve this problem! It will remind the client about the invoice 801 times, automatically create and send a report on a weekly/daily/monthly basis - just let Octopus AI know! No need to stress or waste time!

What doubt? If you also face these problems often, just give it a try!

The assistant is FREE for the first month, no card requirement, and you can start using it with just 3 clicks and no integrations!

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