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Calculate the pace to achieve your income goal
Margin rate: 0 %
A margin of 0% or less indicates that your business is not currently profitable. To foster growth firstly, you must decrease spending and increase cost. And just then grow your business through revenue-boosting.

A margin more 0% signifies that your business is generating a profit. You should focus on increasing this positive margin through revenue-boosting strategies.

Good tip: It is better to have a higher profit margin than the inflation rate in your country to ensure your real profit is not decreasing, considering inflation.

Time to reach the goal: 0 months
Time to Goal indicates the number of months your business requires to achieve your revenue target, assuming a favorable average monthly growth rate of 8%.

Please note that the average growth rate can vary significantly based on market dynamics, segment, business specifics, age, and is influenced by marketing indicators.

Good tip: Break your short-term business goals into smaller, manageable steps and tasks. Plan your goals weekly or monthly to track progress and ensure success.

Monthly revenue increase: 0 $
Monthly revenue increases measure the difference in revenue between the current month and the previous one. For instance, if your current revenue is $10 and the monthly increase is $1, it is wise to plan your revenue for the next month at $11, the second month at $12, and so on.

Currently, we calculate the increase based on the current revenue, but it is recommended to have a flexible plan based on the percentage increase.

Good tip: To grow your business, test your revenue and adjust it accordingly. For example, aim to sell more lemonades next month, either by increasing your sales or exploring new markets. Always plan your growth based on your financial statement and business strategy.

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