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How can an accountant Increase a check by over 20% using AI?
Discover how accountants can stay updated and boost their income from our friends Aleph Accounting.
In November Aleph Accounting, an accounting company from Israel, supercharged their profits by 26.5% just with 1 easy step.

Discover the secret weapon that's transforming the game!
In the rapidly changing world of financial services, Aleph Accounting's story is an example of innovation and increased profits. The key? A financial analyst powered by AI that not only transformed how clients are served but also boosted their average check by 26.5%.

The Challenge:
  1. Escape from the limitations of old-fashioned communication
  2. Improve your financial company's performance to new levels
Aleph Accounting encountered this problem, and the solution they discovered could be the catalyst your business requires.

The Solution: Octopus AI
This cutting-edge AI solution not only connects financial firms with clients 24/7 but also introduces a new era of efficiency and client engagement.

How it works? Let's find out!

Key Transformations of Aleph Accounting
4 important steps:
  • They implemented Octopus AI – ai financial analyst, that enables to stay connected with the clients 24/7 and monitor continuously the financial KPIs.
  • They reduced the time spent on clients interaction from 22 hours to 1 hour per month by enabling their clients ask any question about their finances on the platform.​ This simple step eliminated “wasted” times previously spent on ineffective communications with the client.
  • They did Real-time Client Analytics: Now Aleph Accounting understands their clients like never before because Octopus AI provides deep insights into client behavior, enabling tailored services and real-time offerings that align with individual needs.
  • Complimentary Mini Services: Octopus AI goes above and beyond, offered them complimentary mini services like continuous planning, in-depth analytics, and automatic KPI calculations. Elevate your service offering and add substantial value to your clients' experience.
Aleph Accounting effectively communicated the enhanced client experience, leading to delighted clients and a remarkable 26.5% increase in their average check. The proof is in the profits – Octopus AI is not just a solution, it's a financial revolution!

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