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The Next Step in Businesses Growth: Bringing AI to Financial Advisors with Octopus.ai

The SMB sector is one of the largest contributors to the world's economy. E-commerce alone is projected to reach a staggering US$5.56tn by 2027.
In five years, only 50% of businesses are still operating, while 35% are not profitable. Business is tough for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
There is a lack or very limited availability of "Mckinsey type" financial advisory services for SMB startups. These services could greatly contribute to boosting the growth of SMBs or providing strategic assistance for their success.
At Octopus.AI, we recognize the pivotal role played by accountants, CFOs, and financial advisors in the success of SMBs. Our mission revolves around empowering these professionals by enabling them to concentrate on their core strengths: cultivating relationships and offering expert financial guidance. To achieve this, we have developed groundbreaking technology that automates mundane tasks, granting financial experts the freedom to delve into meaningful client interactions and strategic planning.At Octopus.AI, we believe in the importance of accountants, CFOs, and financial advisors. Our mission is to develop technology that empowers these professionals to focus on their superpowers: building relationships and providing financial expertise. By delegating other tasks, and providing extra financial visibility into key financial metrics they can deliver better outcomes to their clients and efficiently scale their firm to its full potential.
Today, we are thrilled to introduce Octopus.ai, a revolutionary AI-powered financial intelligence interface. Tailored specifically for the intricate world of financial metrics and strategic growth planning, Octopus AI acts as a bridge between financial advisors and business owners. This innovative tool, akin to ChatGPT but designed exclusively for financial purposes, seamlessly integrates with the Xero accounting cloud platform. By analyzing accounting data, invoice specifics, client objectives, and growth strategies, Octopus AI generates actionable insights that are invaluable for steering businesses toward financial prosperity.

Powered by cutting-edge large language models, Octopus AI is finely tuned using pertinent financial data. This advanced technology provides swift responses to a plethora of financial inquiries, all within a few clicks. At Octopus.AI, we have harnessed the potential of AI-driven financial planner services to enhance the financial health of SMBs. Our platform not only facilitates effortless access to critical financial information but also fosters improved communication between financial advisors and business proprietors.

With Octopus AI, embark on a transformative journey toward personalized financial planning. Experience the efficiency of AI technology augmenting financial plans and gain the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the business landscape. Discover the difference that Octopus AI-powered financial planning can make in revolutionizing your financial strategies and ensuring the sustainable growth of your SMB.

Using Octopus AI you can get answer nearly to any financial question in just a few clicks.