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November is the best month for any business

So why November?
Yes! Black Friday is a real gift for any business.
If you're thinking, "Why sell with discounts when people buy without them at other times of the year?" - you're missing an opportunity to earn!
Black Friday has a powerful brand of its own, people are accustomed to waiting for the coolest offers precisely during these days. Any promotion you run during Black Friday holds greater transactional value for the customer. But, it's not only the customer who should benefit; first and foremost, Black Friday is an opportunity for businesses to earn.
How much money you can earn with Black Friday?
You can make 2-3 months' revenue in just one week during Black Friday.
If you do Black Friday wrong:
❌ Ran a promotion on the wrong product - you lose
❌ Missed the mark with your offer to the customer - you lose
❌ Didn't calculate your Black Friday offer properly - lost margin - you lose
❌ Don’t maintain profitability - you lose
❌ Pull money out of your future - you lose
❌ Cut conversions - you lose
✨ The main secret to success - make an irresistibly beneficial offer for the customer, while maintaining a sufficient margin for the business and monitoring your key financial metrics.