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Strategic Planning

Financial planning determines how you will achieve your goals. Planning can be created at various levels, ranging from very detailed to very broad. Highly detailed planning is more likely to contribute to stronger growth.

Planning should be based on available means, not just goals.

To align your financial planning with your business goals, it is crucial to define them appropriately. These two aspects should complement each other seamlessly. One common strategy is to evenly distribute available funds over a specific period. However, this approach may create a false sense of "planning" if it lacks a connection to the company's business goals.
Prioritizing business milestones can be challenging, and linking expenses to each milestone can be even more difficult. Nevertheless, it is a straightforward method to measure growth and actually achieve these milestones. Here are some examples to assist you in determining your financial planning:
When planning your finances, it is important to adhere to the core values of your business.
How do I see how the company is progressing?
Now that we’ve defined our core value and plan accordingly, we’ll want to understand how the company is progressing.
How can you build the strategy based on your real data in seconds?
Stop guessing. We've trained an AI assistant to plan and forecast your goals. It formulates a plan to achieve them based on your current financial data.

This gives you clear goals and justified recommendations based on your actual indicators. All you need to do is follow these recommendations and your new peak achievement won't be far off.

Here's how to try it:

  1. Connect to Octopus AI
  2. Click on "Plan strategy" and answer a few questions.
  3. Octopus checks your trends, builds a strategy with OKR, sets goals and deadlines, and gives recommendations on how to achieve these goals based on your personal indicators.
  4. You can also add goals to the sidebar and track their progress.

If you're unsure how to build a financial strategy for yourself or your client, give it a try!

Octopus AI created Company's KPIs connected to Company's strategic planning and OKRs that automatically answer vital financial questions or instantly create a P&L report and provide insights.
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